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Call for Papers|国际华商. 清华论坛


Tsinghua Forum on Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship:

Resilience & Revitalization from the Global Pandemic

国际华商. 清华论坛

Beijing, China, July 30-31, 2022


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has posted unprecedented challenges to Chinese entrepreneurs living and conducting business across the globe. Yet the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs have also shown exceptional resilience in overcoming the difficulties resulting not only from the pandemic but also from social injustice that is often unfairly linked to their Chinese origin. As the COVID-19 has started losing stream, these entrepreneurs are at the forefront to help revitalize their own business while contributing to the economic and social recovery in countries where they reside. This forum aims to document this historical process and more importantly to conceptualize the unique characters and behaviors of overseas Chinese entrepreneurship in times of extraordinary difficulties.

This particular Tsinghua Forum on Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship, to be held at the Tsinghua University, Beijing on July 30-31, 2022, is organized by Tsinghua Center for Chinese Entrepreneurs Studies, China Institute for Chinese Overseas Studies and co-sponsored by the Canada-China Institute for Business & Development at Ryerson University. We invite submissions of papers or abstracts on overseas Chinese entrepreneurs, particularly those in the context of COVID-19. Focusing on overseas Chinese entrepreneurs, possible topics might include but are NOT limited to:

l——How do Chinese entrepreneurs handle (deep) uncertainty? On whom do they rely on during the pandemic?

l——Are there any differences in the way Chinese and host country entrepreneurs deal with the challenges from COVID-19 and supply chain disruptions?

l——How is the Chinese culture helping overseas Chinese entrepreneurs survive during this COVID-19 crisis?

l——Does entrepreneurship have a role to play in the well-being of the Chinese community during the pandemic?

l——Are there any changes in how Chinese entrepreneurs do business since the pandemic started? What are the impacts of technologies?

l——What are the new trends of Chinese migrants doing business overseas?

Please send a topic and/or 300-to-500-word abstract (or full paper) by Apr 1, 2022. Both English and Chinese are welcome! Letters of acceptance will be emailed out by June, 2022.

Registration is required to attend the forum, but there will be no registration fees. Meals during the forum will be provided. Participants will be responsible for all travel and accommodation expenses Due to the uncertainties regarding the pandemic, further logistics details will be determined in June, 2022.


Dr.Yi at thucces@tsinghua.edu.cn

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